Seelex Designs Limited is a highly dynamic company which has perfected the art of Graphic design, Branding and Printing Services. We also do Engravings, Painting, Artistic decorations & Ceramic murals. The company emphasizes on creativity and originality thus making your business stand out from the rest. We aim at performing to exceed our customers' expectations as we work towards reliable and quality services within the stipulated time scales.

We are specialists Product Branding, Out-door and In-door Advertising, Promotional Items, Signage & Awards. Our production line includes Banners, Billboards, Signs, Stickers, Magazines, Annual reports, Brochures, Fliers, Posters, Packages, Calendars, T-shirts & Caps. Seelex Designs specializes in online designs which involves idea conceptualization in terms of graphic design and presentation.

Other areas include Wall and Floor decorations i.e. Glass engravings, Ceramic Murals, Woven Logos and mats, Carvings, Wall hangings, Photo editing & Picture framing.

From the clientele brief, we are able to come up with a visual presentation. We would be delighted to offer our services and be glad to explore further business relations with you.

Who we are

Seelex Designs Limited is a highly dynamic design and branding company with the objective of offering quality services in graphic design, printing and branding.

When we started

Seelex Designs Ltd was registered in October 2008 on realization of demand for quality design, printing and branding. This has henceforth been our driving force.

Activities Engaged

Indoor Advertising Materials: Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Reports, Corporate Magazines, Folders, Staff Identity Cards etc.

Outdoor Advertising Materials: Posters, Fliers, Banners, Billboards, Vehicle branding, Floor and window graphics etc.

Branding: Company manuals and guidelines, product manuals, Packages, stickers, stick-on etc. Promotional Items: T-Shirts, Caps, Umbrellas, Mugs, Key-holders, Bags, Overalls etc.

Signage & Awards: Backlit and Industrial signs, Illuminated signs, Engraved signs, Company seal & Stamps, Certificate of Merit &Awards, Personalized gift items etc.

End of year Promotional Materials: Personalized & General Wall Calendars, Christmas Cards, Diaries etc.

Customized & General Stationaries: Letterheads, Business cards, Complimentary slips, Invoice & Delivery books, Receipt books, Petty cash vouchers, Local purchase order, Quotation books, Captain orders, Branded pens, envelopes, files, Cd’s, Wedding Cards etc.


We are located on 2nd floor- Sunrays house, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi.


P.O Box 8189 - 00300 Nairobi Cell: 0721 634 214 Email: